I am a photographer based in the UK specialising in landscape, travel and wildlife photography from various places around the world. Last year, I was awarded the Royal Photographic Society's Licentiateship distinction (LRPS), acknowledging my photographic achievements.

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Published in Hamish McHamish!
29th September 2012
See my images in this new book!

Earlier this year I was contacted by author Susan McMullan to provide photography for her book: "Hamish McHamish of St Andrews Cool Cat About Town". The book is about a (real) ginger cat called Hamish who lives in St Andrews and is very popular with the many townspeople, students and tourists alike. Hamish has been wandering around the town for the past 13 years and has become a bit of a celebrity, with over 2,800 friends on Facebook!

As well as featuring photos of Hamish from the public, I have provided the "scenic" images of the town which Hamish visits in the book, including the castle, ruined cathedral, West Sands beach, the pier, museums and who couldn't forget that famous golf course! I am privileged to be the sole photographer of the scenic images in the book, of which there are 13 in total. Hamish provides snippets of information to the reader as he travels around the town to his favourite locations. Just a few of the images in the book are below.

The book is not yet released, but it is available to pre-order:

Article: City Night Photography
21st February 2012
Cities across the world come alive at night and this is possibly the best time to photograph them, with twinkling lights and reflections. In all cities, the most iconic buildings will almost always be lit up so use this to your advantage. The best time to capture night shots of cities is in Winter on a clear night, as the colder air will lead to crisper images.

Here are my top tips for night photography in cities:

1. Arrive early - this goes for any landscape photography really, but always arrive at your location in plenty of time. This allows you to seek out the best compositions for your shots well in advance, as by the time darkness starts to fall, you will find, especially in winter, that your time to get the perfect shot will be limited. The so-called ‘blue-hour’ is, to many photographers, the optimum time to be photographing when the sky is still a dark intense blue colour, before it turns a deep black and possibly tinged with orange.

2. Long exposure – exposure is incredibly important when taking photos in low-light. You will need to use longer exposures to keep the shutter open for long enough to capture the detail and to ensure the shot isn’t under-exposed and too dark. Using an SLR camera will give greater flexibility for this and you will need to using the manual setting 'TV' to set the number of seconds for the exposure. Conversely, if the exposure is too long, you will end up with noise which could make the shot look very grainy. It is a balancing act and you will need to experiment as you go along, compensating by using longer exposures as it gets darker. You will of course need a tripod to keep the camera still, or something to lean against such as a lamp-post or a bridge rail if you are extremely desperate! Also, if you can find some water, use it! Longer exposures will really enhance reflections in rivers and harbours and give a smooth effect on the surface.

3. ISO - consider using a higher ISO, which will enable you to keep your exposures shorter. Again, be careful as a higher ISO will mean more noise.

4. Height – if you can get a high vantage point, this will provide lots of interest to the viewer. Take the shot of Edinburgh below which was photographed from Calton Hill. Here you can see Edinburgh castle sitting at the top in the distance, St Giles cathedral with its domed spire just to the left and of course the famous clock tower of the Balmoral Hotel.

Now based in the South East
21st September 2011
It's been a busy few months, but I am now living down in Surrey. Very much looking forward to exploring my new local landscape so if you know of any good locations to photograph here, please get in touch! I've already visited Mayfield Lavender near Banstead and a photo from here is September's Print of the Month and you can get 15% discount on any prints of this until the end of September!

Please bear with me while I'm still waiting to get internet in my new house, but don't worry, you can still order prints from me! Greetings cards are still on the agenda after trialing them at at local craft fair earlier in the month, so watch out for more news on these coming soon!
NEW Saddleworth In Focus website!!
29th January 2011
For anyone in the Saddleworth area:

Charlotte now has a brand new website in collaboration with her mum, Gill, which now houses all of our Saddleworth photos together in one place! Please help to support us in promoting our work to a local audience.


Gill and Charlotte have lived in Saddleworth for over twenty years and during that time, have gained an appreciation of the Saddleworth landscape, architecture and character. They aim to continue to capture the most iconic viewpoints of Saddleworth in an unforgettable way.

Saddleworth In Focus offers fine art photographic prints of stunning local views which are so easily taken for granted. The website is now live, so please check it out and enjoy viewing our images of Saddleworth!

There is also a Facebook page if you want to keep regularly updated with news and new additions to the gallery:


31st December 2010
After returning from spending four wonderful days in Prague, Charlotte has added a selection of shots to the new Prague portfolio, which can be found here

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